We have campaigns on-air in Germany every month and track all of them with the DC Analytics platform. 

Using the tool on top of our own analytics gives us practical insights into how our media buys are performing, and helps us make significant improvements month-by-month.

Martin Kunath

Senior Vice President Marketing



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Ready to boost your TV advertising?

DC Analytics PRO gives you access to both the latest TV tracking technology and an offline marketing consultant to help you improve your advertising. 

Data-driven TV tracking

Get full access to DCMN’s trusted TV tracking tool DC Analytics.

Our technology correlates spot data from TV networks to traffic on your web or mobile presence, so you can measure how individual spots and media placements affect your ROI.

Know exactly which spot airings are bringing you the most new users, track immediate and long-term conversions - and find out which media buys are really paying off.

Expert offline consultancy

Our team will develop a custom package tailored to your campaign KPIs. Each package includes:

A TV tracking and attribution workshop

Full access to your data and regular performance reports with actionable insights

Full support from our DC Analytics team throughout the tracking implementation

Media buying expertise to guide you through the German TV landscape


Advanced TV tracking

DCMN’s TV tracking technology is built on 10+ years experience running campaigns for over 300 digital brands.

Customised insights

Track your campaign with DC Analytics and receive regular updates to optimise your performance based on your most important KPIs.

Advice from TV experts

Enjoy the dedicated support and independent advice from your personal TV analyst – regardless of where you buy your media.

Data-driven TV tracking 


expert consultancy.